United Car Care

Deductible: $200.00

Waiting Period:

Car Rental Assistance: Yes

Roadside Assistance: Yes

Flat Tire Assistance: No

Lock out assistance: No

Web Page:

Rating: 3.0

Total Reviews: 12

Twelve reviews

Eric Focht on 07/26/2015


This is a terrible company to work with. They do not return your phone calls and will not release any of their so called documented adjusters reports on your vehicle. We are currently in the middle of fighting a denied claim on our vehicle. Do not buy any extended warranty's through this company.

Joanne on 10/13/2014


The customer service was great. the representative I spoke with was very helpful and helped me with all my questions.

Steve Dennis on 07/13/2014


You purchase a 100,000 mile drive train warranty to give you peace of mind but don't beleive it. The engin in my truck breaks down and has to be replaced but they denied my claim for normal wear and tear. I thought that is why you get a warranty to repair your vehicle when it breaks down, not to left holding the bag because they want to hold on to their money and don't care about their customers.

WCone on 07/03/2014


I have dealt with numerous warranty companies in my life time. This is my first time ever doing a survey about one. This is the worse company I've ever used. It takes 3-5 day's to get anything payed for and when I do them to step up when I'm broke down on th eside of I 90 (600) miles from my house they deny my claim to get something fixed beacuse I didn't pre-authorize a part that is covered not the argument but that I didn't pre-athorize it to be fixed, again I'm on vacation 600 + miles from where I live in Wisconsin.I have contacted my lawyer and he's drafting a letter hopefully this can be resolved before a court case but probaly not.

James on 06/02/2014


UCC has replaced my rear differential, my transmission, my front wheel bearings, my valve covers.. if I didn't have UCC this care would have been an extremely costly experience for me. They saved my ass! Sometimes the rep was slow to show up and inspect (said he would be there monday or tuesday, shows up on wednesday or thursday) but other than that, no complaints at all.

Jake on 02/19/2014


I've have car coverage before, but this company has went above and beyond with my repairs and in fact does give me a piece of mind. I felt the need to quickly write my thanks for their help.

James Markham on 12/27/2013


The , and I quote, Total car care package does not cover the ECM of your vehicle. In other words total does not cover the computer that runs your vehicle. I recommend Never to use this company.

Hope on 04/22/2013


I'm so impressed and satisfied with the work and service of Jim and his staff that if I ever got stuck, I would rather pay got the towing service back to Jim's shop than let another person lay hands on my truck. Always personable and honest! 3 generations of our family are faithful to United because they are just that good!!

allanb5 on 10/11/2012


Bill has excellent knowledge and experience with valiants,very helpful.his products are of excellent quality and price,and will be dealing with hemi perfprmace for years to come,a1

DNelson on 08/08/2009


The team is accomodating to my schedule and upfront with estimates. Each of the Technicians is certified, and they do a professional job. It is appreciated that they offer a heads up for service work that is 3-6 months down the road.

Tibble on 08/06/2009


What a difference from the first rating to my repairs. EVERY repair has been top notch. The few times I have had a problem with any detail, Scott or one of the great staff would take care of it. Normally at no additional charge. My Son and his family all deal there as well as my daughter and her family. We recommend Scott, Tony, Roger and Ron all the time. Keep up the good job guys.

ezroverzz on 05/19/2009


They are great on charging you 92.50 per hour. They are great at not finding what's wrong with your car so you have to keep coming back so they can keep charging you to fix the same problem. They are great at not standing behind they repairs on your car. I give them a poor rating on everything.

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