Gold Key Protection

Deductible: $100.00

Waiting Period:

Car Rental Assistance: Yes

Roadside Assistance: Yes

Flat Tire Assistance: No

Lock out assistance: Yes

Web Page:

Rating: 2.0

Total Reviews: 8

Eight reviews

Keith on 06/23/2015


Tried to use it twice , denied twice 2800.50 dollars for this policy. I feel no better having this policy than I would not having it. This has broke me from ever buying a extended warranty again.

michael rogers on 05/07/2015


Took automobile to service facility on a monday for a noise in the front end. It was a worn wheel bearing. The warranty company would not allow the service facility to get the replacement part, but said they would furnish by wednesday afternoon. Part was never shipped as promised. It may now arrive by Friday afternoon so could be without my vehicle for the weekend if not available time to do the repair since the facility has a full schedule. There was an offer to reimburse a rental car, but unwilling to waive my $50 deductible. It is my understanding that most warranty companies do not make a customer wait for themn to furnish a part. Look for another company for your extended warranty.

louisestronngin on 06/27/2014


terrible service on phone for hours can't reach only two claims were denied. I was denied without my name given

Paul Sexton on 01/16/2014


Gold Key Protection. Service is superb - yes they go through a number of checks like is the car maintained correctly and up to date on servicing (which I do myself) but they DO honour their agreement and do a great job. I have my car checked by a KIA main dealer every year (costs about $100.00) and get them to comment on the condition and maintenance of the vehicle. That way you can be sure that the auto warranty company cannot kick back.....You would not pay house insurance and then leave all your doors unlocked......would you????

Brian E. Fitzpatrick on 11/25/2013


When people tell you NOT to buy an aftermarket extended auto warranty it is this company they refer to! They will do anything to find a loophole to not pay a claim! This company is a ripoff! My advice would be to stay away from them!

Joe on 02/13/2013


The worst feeling is having a breakdown and no where to turn! I called for service and they covered my towing to the shop and had the problem fixed and paid for the next day.

Frank Verea on 09/03/2012


Run Run Away from these scam artist they will do anything and everything to not pay for they approve for repair sticking you with it, the onwer is in OK City here is his number 405-288-0989, drive up and see him if he screwed you. That redneck scum in Alabama only tries to prevent you form forward and finding his low life boss.

J.B on 11/08/2011



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