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carol winkler on 08/19/2015


This warranty sucks $1500 I paid and for what. To get a refusal on parts that are to be covered but because not a safety issue or mechanical, my 2012 jeep patriot in excellent condition squeaks so bad it is embarrassing. Can warranty be canceled and be refunded

Tom Brynat on 08/19/2014


I think many of you are confusing this company with fidelity warranty. there is someone who said they purchased a warranty in 2007 this company was not around. This company is a great company owned and operated by Carchex

Bob Clark on 05/15/2014


I do agree with many of the 1-star reviewers who recommend saving your extended warranty policy money to use in future car repairs. My nearly $1,800 policy payment could have been put to more practical use to pay for a necessary, serious repair that Fidelity refused to cover. My airbag system became inoperable after I purchased my car and Fidelity refused to cover the $800.00 repair cost because the security airbag system is not part of the basic car operating system. Seriously? I learned a tough, but expensive lesson and won't deal with Fidelity in the future.

Rich on 02/26/2014


All I can say is Don't do it! save your money and put it towards future repairs , they work very hard at NOT PAYING CLAIMS PS the 5 star ratings on this site are paid players

Tony Giorgio on 02/05/2014


The navigation failed on my car and Fidelity paid for the$2000 repair minus the $100 deductible... Great job! By the way sports fans do not pay any tax for the repair as in my state (N.Y) no tax should be charged

JR on 01/25/2014


I had a great experience with Fidelity Automotive Solutions. I had an issue with my transition and everything was covered.

Chris W on 12/18/2013


Fidelity Warranty Services is a RIP OFF!!! For obvious needed repairs, the company refuses to send an inspector out to witness the car overheating and cutting off. They said that seeing this happen along with diagnostic reports and tests from several mechanics for parts covered under my warranty aren't enough. The lights verified by the diagnostic report and the car cutting off in the middle of it being driven aren't enough and if it was, again they are not willing to send an inspector out to see. THEY are a total rip-off. The mechanics have all given me the same repor in that since the dealership is closed where I purchased is closed that I've basically gave them over 3,000 for a platinum warranty that they will not honor. I'm not sure if they are in a financial crisis, but I really hope this company falls to pieces and is uprooted, bought out, goes bankrupt or something. It is a shame. But, I wouldn't even go as far as to purchase another vehicle from any dealership that is selling a warranty from them. PLEASE do NOT make the same mistake that I did. Listen to all the complaints on here and DO not waste your money and get ripped off as well. Thank you. I hope this report was helpful.

Dave on 09/15/2013


There a bunch of fast talking crooks. I paid 4500 dollars for a "deluxe" coverage warranty only to be denied TWICE for items listed on covered parts! There a joke so dont waste your time or hard earned money on those crooks. They can say anything they want in response to this report but there still crooked crooks as far as im concerned.

ed smith on 09/10/2013


i took my vehicle to be repaired, shop obtained auth. # for amount, when shop filed for payment they were told the payment would be less since fidelity paid for a rental car which i did not get or approve, costing me an additional $35.00.

Darlene on 07/30/2013


I bought a warranty in 2007 on my '02 Mitzubishi with Fidelity. Nine months later my A/C went out. I took it to three different airconditioner repair shops and was told that the compressor and the condenser needed to be replaced. When Fidelity came out to inspect my car, they said thay would only replace the compressor, even tho the condenser was listed in the warranty. They said it only needed flushing out. Unfortunately the condenser was not circular and flushing would not solve the problem. So my repair shop tried to flush it. When Fidelity came back they said it hadn't been flushed because they didnt find any marks on the input hole. So wouldn't even pay for the flush. Nine months later my air conditioner went out again. Because I and the repair shop had spent so much time on the phone with Fidelity and they were being so difficult, I didnt even call them. The manufactory warranty for the A/C was one year so it was replaced by them and I paid an extra $120 to have the condenser replaced. I stopped paying for the Fidelity warranty months before. I would never recommend them to anyone. They were rude to me and my repair shop and acted like the shop didn't know what they were doing. TERRIBLE SERCVICE!!!!!

Richard on 05/02/2013


I bought a new Saturn Outlook in 2007 and the dealer offered me this warranty for 7 years/100,000 miles extension. Vehicle was only 55,000 miles within six years because I used it only for work and home which is less than 5 miles every day. I brought the car for oil maintenance but the dealer found out that something is wrong with the engine. First, they suspected cylinders with low compression then found out something was wrong with the valves. Fidelity inspector came and asked my dealer to take off the header to make sure it's the valve. It came out that it's burnt valves. Now Fidelity said they don't cover burnt valves! I said what? Are you kidding me? It's part of the engine. They said that it was in their exclusions. What a scum! I asked them to fax me a copy of my signed contract and they don't have it. They faxed a sample copy which I can't even read because the writings are so small. The strange thing that inspector said is they used to cover it but not anymore. I bought this car brand new in 2007. They said it's not mechanical failure. Frickin unbelievable excuse.

Judy on 03/30/2013


Scammed. That’s the only word to describe what happened to me in dealing with Rice Toyota in Greensboro and what was termed a Tender Loving Care Extended Service Contract offered when we bought our Prius in 2007. As it was presented, I paid $1,495 at that time for coverage for seven years or 100,000 miles. I could decide whether to file a claim on it for covered maintenance (the batteries obviously and other major systems). If I did not file a claim, I would receive a refund of the full amount less a processing fee of $50. We had no major problems and I never filed a claim. I was looking forward to my refund. I called the number at Fidelity Warranty Services, Inc. for instructions and submitted the documentation they required. In a response letter, they said I was not due a refund because a claim had been filed on the policy. (Incidentally, if you’ve been taken in by this offer, realize you also have to request your refund when your car has between 100,000 and 101,000 miles, not 101,001.) Since that was not true, I called Susan ** at Rice to get documentation of my right to the refund. In checking service records, she said a claim had been filed when a water pump was replaced in May of 2012 and they had paid $161.30 toward the water pump. The receipt was signed by my husband. It was my car, my contract, and my decision. My husband had no idea that there was a connection and was not offered an option. When presented with this issue, the solution presented by Robert ** (who is the person who filed the claim, not me or my husband) is that we continue to bring our Toyotas into Rice for service, perhaps bring in our Subaru as well, and they will give us discounts. We live in Boone where we can get service cheaper anyway, but the main point is that this solution would further benefit Rice Toyota, not us. Mary Catherine **, general manager at Rice, terms their behavior toward us professional and ethical. If this is indeed their standard, I can no longer recommend them to family and friends. I'm willing to entertain the possibility that the dealership was victimized as well by Fidelity Warranty, but for them it's a cost of doing business.

Jerry on 12/13/2012


Saturday afternoon my car was towed from Daytona Beach, Fl to Acura dealership in Sanford, Fl. Starter motor rendered the car unable to start. Service Mgr. called for authorization to replace the starter motor and the office was closed. He left voice msg. stating problem & Vin # of car and policy #. I read the policy and it clearly states that replacement parts may be new or remanufactured. Warrantech,Vemeco,Fidelity Automotive solutions reimbursed me $110.05 less than repair cost because I did not call in the claim (they were closed sat. afternoon) I had a choice to repair the car or rent a car for three days until they opened Monday for authorization.

Lisa on 10/11/2012


I bought an extended warranty for a 2008 Hyundai Tucson in February 2008. I never had to get any repairs on the car. I traded it in in May 2012 for a new Tucson. On July 22, I faxed the paperwork to Fidelity to get a pro-rated refund on the extended warranty. I was supposed to get back just over $300. After 5 weeks, I called to find out the status of the refund. Nothing had happened with it. They show receipt of the paperwork, but it sat without action the entire time. I was told to fax it again. I did; twice. I've been calling almost every week, and each time have been told it's in process, it's in audit, it will be mailed by the end of the week, and it will be mailed Friday or Monday. This is ridiculous!

Gary on 09/03/2012


When we finally needed this warranty and we called to make a claim, we find that their telephone number has been given out to another business. It sounds like we just got our $2200 flushed down the toilet! Now we have an engine expense that should be covered and have nothing to fall back on for a warranty. It's just great!

Edward on 09/03/2012


Add my name to the many who have been ripped off by these scam artists! I believe we need to get together and fight back and sue them and Mepco who stole the money on behalf of the many fraudulent car warranty companies out there - and their numbers will continue to grow till we do something about it! I'd be very happy to be part of a class action suit! Shame on me though, for not checking this company out before I strewed $2100 at them and got nothing in return. I'm real tired of getting ripped off. Something needs to be done!

Lowell on 08/17/2012


Fidelity Warranty contacted me and told me they would reinstate my warranty, as there had been a mistake. Crown Ford also contacted me and I consider this problem resolved to my satisfaction.

J S. on 08/04/2012


I have read through many of these so called reviews on here, and to it sounds like most people have confused the situation. They are blaming problems that were either created by a bad employee at the dealership where they bought it, or problems they created themselves by not asking the right questions at the time of purchase. The first group of people were probably mislead by a sales person or finance manager under enormous pressure to make a quota that they maybe told people they were getting one thing when they were really getting something else. The second group of people I would assume did not ask enough questions, about general maintenance requirements, exclusions, and limitations that all policies have, whether its a manufacturers warranty, a fidelity product or even home owners insurance. All insurances have exclusions, and you need to be aware of them, and if your sales person does not disclose them or know what they are, read the contract before you sign it, its not that hard. You also need to be aware of maintenance requirements that you should be doing any way. Did you know that if you don't change your oil you have voided any manufacturers warranty related to the engine? So why would fidelity be any different? Fidelity warranty services provides a great product and service. Bottom line, if you don't understand what your buying, ask more questions or just don't buy it. Don't take a good company and drag them down because you don't understand what you purchased.

anonymous on 07/24/2012


only covered half of my repair but have had fidelity for quite a while and is the first bad service ive had so far. wish I didn't have to write anything negative but was pretty disappointed with their reasoning.

Glen on 06/30/2012


I purchased a used 2008 Mazda 5 minivan with 58,000 miles in October of 2009. I purchased a Fidelity drive train warranty. I had the transmission serviced at a Mazda dealer shortly after purchasing it. During the hot part of the Summer of 2010m, it started to shift hard into 4th gear. It only acted up when the car was very hot, and thus minor so I did nothing at the time. I had no problem in the winter. In the Summer of 2011, it started to act up again - a very minor problem in my opinion, but I took it to the dealer and the Mazda mechanic was able to reproduce the problem. He said he could not repair it. A Fidelity claims adjuster came and inspected the car and authorized a new transmission. They however would not pay for a dealer part. Instead, they got a reman from their supply chain. A dealer trans has a 3-month warranty. The trans from Fidelity came with a 3-year, 100,000-mile warranty. I ended up paying $86.00, and the car works perfect. I couldn't be happier.

Stacey L on 04/14/2012


I recently bought a auto warranty from Fidelity Automotive Solutions. I later found out they work with carchex who helped me out greatly. the sales person and manager were so nice and helped me with understanding the policy. I have a 2009 BMW. I got a Royal policy on my car that covers everything. Fidelity automotive solutions explained not only the good about the policy but the negatives as well. In my opinion the positives greatly outweighs the negatives because I plan on keeping the car for at-least another 3 years . God for bid something happens I would be out of pocket so much money. I would recommend anyone looking for a policy to go to their website

Jose M on 02/07/2012


Great company took a policy out a little over a year ago and I had a huge problem with my engine and they paid my toyota dealership all the money. I only had to pay my deposit. Thank you Fidelity Automotive Solutions.

Jeff J on 02/18/2011


Fidelity Auto Solutions Extended warranty was some absolute shit. When my cars trnasmission went out they did not stand up to their end of the deal. They told me my claim was denied before they even came out to see the car. So I asked for a refund. They told me my check was coming but LIED> I had to call them like 100 times in order to finally get my refund check. THEY TOTALLY SUCK AND WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THAT BULLSHIT TO ANYONE.

Danni on 07/12/2010


This is a retraction. I had problems getting FWS to honor a claim for my car under a warranty. However, due to the persistence of the dealer, Gordie B, West Bend, WI), FWS decided to reverse their decision and fix my car.

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